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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

We'll make that first step an easy one

Here’s an easy first step: Let’s talk.

I know, I know, it’s strange that someone who went to all the trouble of creating a website invites a phone call. Why do I suggest we talk? Because while there are lots of villas to rent in Italy, what I believe distinguishes us from them is the help we give you putting together your full-on Italian experience. Some, you’ll find, offer very little help, while others try to help but are limited by time zone or language differences.

I’m located in Ohio, in the Eastern time zone, and pride myself on leaving no stone unturned in helping guide our guests toward the experience of a lifetime. More often than not, that kind of help starts with a phone call.

I’ve helped many people in this way over the years. Most of them started with only the vaguest notion of the experience they wanted. After just one phone conversation, many of them had a better idea what they wanted and how I could help. Some of them never ended up renting our villa; but all of them learned much more about what the Italian villa experience offers.

Please feel free to call. My cell number is (513) 470-0371. If you prefer email, that works too. You can reach me at

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