Italy is one of the most fascinating countries in Europe and in the world. It is divided into 3 different areas, the North, the Center and the South. The oldest and the first inhabited part of Italy is the center with the main important cities in history like Florence, (Tuscany region) the “Renaissance cradle” and Rome (Lazio region), the heart of the Roman Empire. Another important central Italy civilization were the Etruscans. They settled in some areas of central Italy including the Umbria region and in particular in Orvieto.

Italy boasts more world heritage sites than any other country in the world and some of the main Italian monuments and sites are located in the center. Villa Rocca di Benano settled just 20 minutes from Orvieto, in Umbria, represents a perfect home base for day trips to visit and experience some of the best parts of Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio.